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COVID-19 Antibody Therapy

Sequence of the Antigen Decision Site of Separated Antibodies and Development of Antibodies for Treatment Using Plasma of COVID-19 Cured Persons

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the metabolic anticancer drug YRP-1 killing the cancer cell through the energy metabolism suppression of the cancer cell

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keto calculator

It is a calculator designed to help determine the amount of nutrient intake needed for low-tank knowledge that limits sugar content and increases fat intake.

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Estimation of Health Prognosis in Keeping the Overall Life Habit Record and Tracking Scientific Grounded Goals for Targeting according to User's Intake and Exercise

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Repure Life Sciences
Refurbishment Life Sciences was established under the proposition of 'pure' to help everyone suffering from cancer and disease, and to create a disease-free society.We will leap to become a global company that provides healthy life, happy society and creates value for mankind.

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