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  • Repure Life Science CEO Kim Yong Sang, awarded the excellent expert in connection with innovation and practical use in the pharmaceutical industry

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  • 2021-03-03
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At the '1st Bio-Health Industry Merit Award Ceremony', held in parallel with the 22nd Korea New Drug Development Awards, LG Chem's team leader Bong Chan Kim, who contributed to the development of the new drug for diabetes, 'Zemiglo', was awarded a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT did. The award for merit in the bio-health industry was newly enacted with the approval of the Ministry of Science & ICT in order to promote national economic development by revitalizing the research and development of new drugs in Korea and strengthening the global competitiveness of the bio-health industry.

The 7th Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation Performance and Practicalization-related Excellent Expert Award is R&D strategy planning, global marketing, business development, and licensing to enhance market value, such as linking the commercialization of innovative results such as new drugs and improved new drugs in the domestic R&D-centered pharmaceutical and biohealth industry. As an award established by the New Drug Association in cooperation with the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency in order to discover experts from companies with great contributions in the field of production and production, a total of 35 people have been awarded this year and so far.

From December 1, 2020 to January 6, 2021, the recipients of the awards were recommended by the member companies of the new drug association, and from January 11 to January 26, the recipients of the awards went through the comprehensive deliberation of the Korean New Drug Development Awards Review Committee. After recommendation to the Korea Industry Promotion Agency and through the public review process of the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency, 6 people were finally eligible for the award. Science Senior Vice President Jeong-Yeol Ro, Team Leader Byeong-hyuk Min of LG Chem, and Team Leader Jun-Hee Hong of LG Chem received the Korea Health Industry Development Institute's Citation.

Repure Life Science is expected to show progress in the future further.