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  • Technology transfer contract signing ceremony

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  • 2021-01-05
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Repure Life Science and Yonsei Medical Center signed a technology transfer contract for fibrosis prevention and treatment on December 29th.

From left, Choi Jae-young, Dean of Medical Science Research at Yonsei Medical Center and Head of Industry-Academic Cooperation Division at Medical Center / Professor Yoon Ho-geun, Yonsei Medical Center President / Yong-Sang Kim, CEO of Repure Life Science / Vice President Nam-Ho Nam, and Jeong-yoon Yoo, Research Institute Director of Repure Life Science (Location of photo: Yonsei Medical Center)

Yonsei Medical Center has signed a technology transfer contract with Repure Life Science for fibrosis prevention and treatment.

The technology transferred by the medical center is ‘Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating fibrosis,’ and Professor Yoon, Ho-geun of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, Yonsei University, will be in charge of the technology transfer.

Tissue fibrosis in the lungs, liver, kidneys, etc., known as an intractable disease, is a situation where the pathogenesis and predictors are unknown, and there is no clear treatment. In particular, since various cells exchange molecular signals with each other and are involved in the development of fibrotic diseases, there is a limitation as a single target therapy.

The transfer technology is a technology that enables the treatment of fibrotic diseases by inhibiting p300, a representative epigenetic regulating enzyme, based on the high association between chronic and recurrent fibrotic diseases and epigenetic imbalances.

Yoon Dong-Seop, director of Yonsei Medical Center, said, "Yonsei Medical Center has been making all-around efforts to overcome severe intractable diseases. The signing of a technology transfer contract will be a great help to advance the research necessary for patients."

Prof. Yoon Ho-Geun, inventor and head of technology transfer, said, "We hope that the previous technology will be helpful to patients suffering from fibrotic diseases by spurring joint research with Repure Life Science, so that they can enter preclinical and clinical trials as soon as possible."

Repure Life Science's CEO Kim Yong-sang said,

“With the transfer of fibrotic disease treatment technology, Repure Life Science has expanded its pipeline related to rare diseases, and will conduct preclinical research and global clinical trials with Wuxi Apptec, a global clinical trial consignment organization (CRO). It is a plan.”