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  • The “Jeju-type Anti-Aging Convergence Industry Development Forum” was successfully held online.

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  • 2020-11-30
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As a real-time streaming service, the 2020 Global Anti-Aging Convergence Industry Development Forum, in which Repure Life Science participated, was held safely.

2020 Global Anti-Aging Convergence Industry Development Forum held through online broadcasting on the 3rd floor of Hana Bank, Jeju Financial Center Branch

The '2020 Global Anti-Aging Convergence Industry Development Forum' hosted by the Anti-Aging Forum Promotion Committee, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Techno Park, and Jeju News and hosted by Gagyo Co., Ltd. This was held on the 3rd floor of Hana Bank's Jeju Financial Center Branch at 2 pm on the 26th in a non-face-to-face manner due to COVID-19.

This forum was set up to re-establish the direction of future Jeju-type anti-aging industry development by sharing the status of anti-aging industry policies and collecting various opinions.

​ First, Young-Hyun Choi, Director of the Anti-Aging Research Institute at Dongeui University, released the latest information from countries around the world under the theme of 'Development Trend of Global Anti-Aging Industry and Development Direction of Jeju Anti-Aging Industry'. Development efforts, changes in the market environment for the anti-aging industry, and the direction of the Jeju-type anti-aging industry.

Diagnosis of Korea's rapid aging rate and expected time to enter a super-aged society, resulting in a decrease in socio-economic activity population resulting in decreased productivity, slowing economic growth, weakening economic scale, and weakening corporate activities and innovation. It emphasized that it is necessary to find countermeasures for establishment, self-reliance and participation in consensus, creation of new industries/aging environment. In addition, as a strategy for the development of the Jeju-type anti-aging industry, Jeju-specific bio-industry promotion, medical tourism/convention industry promotion, AI-based anti-aging industry promotion, nature-friendly industry and environment creation were suggested.

​ After that, Jung Yong-hwan, director of the Research Institute of Species Diversity, announced the'Anti-aging functional R&D study of natural raw materials in Jeju', and the case of commercialization of medical devices, medicines, health functional foods, cosmetics, etc. using beta-clucan, a certified substance for improving immune function, by director Gwang-myeong Kim. There was an announcement about.

Next, CEO Kim Yong-sang of Refure Life Science introduced personal health records, non-clinical data analysis, and personalized AI healthcare platform service business through cooperation with various medical service institutions, and introduced the development trend of convergence of ICT technology and anti-aging industry. There was a time to do it.

An official from the committee said, “Through the presentation and discussion content of this forum, we will reexamine the direction of development of the differentiated anti-aging industry unique to Jeju Island, and allow it to be applied to policy promotion and industrial ecosystem support.”