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  • Signed a technology transfer contract with Repure Life Science, Yonsei University Health System, Ewha Womans University, and CHA University

  • Registration date
  • 2020-11-17
  • 최종수정
On November 9, at 14:00, a technology transfer contract signing ceremony was held in the professor's meeting room (6th floor of the general building) at Yonsei University Health System.

At the signing ceremony, the head of industry-academia promotion vice president Young-cheol Jung took the lead, and Jae-young Choi, director of industry-academic cooperation at Yonsei University Health System, Hyun-ah Bae, vice president of Ewha Womans University industry-academic cooperation, Na Young-hwa Professor of Cha Medical University, and CEO Kim Yong-sang of Repure Life Science participated. Professor Ho-geun Yoon presented an overview of the transfer technology. Professor Ho-geun Yoon said, "We hope that this technology will lead to the development of new drugs and contribute greatly to improving the treatment and survival rate of patients."

The transfer target patent is a novel compound for inhibiting histone acetyltransferase p300 and an antifibrotic composition comprising the same.' In other words, it is about a novel compound that inhibits the function by targeting p300, an enzyme protein, which is a major epigenetic cause of refractory fibrotic disease.

This fibrosis is a phenomenon that is deeply related to cancer, development and metastasis.
When the tissue is damaged, the empty space is once filled with fibrous material before recovery, and in normal cases, the fibrous material is automatically removed and recovered. However, if the fibrous material accumulates rather than removal for various reasons, the organ becomes hard and dangerous, which can lead to death.

CEO Yong Sang Kim said, "Repure Life Science will do its best with overseas partners to develop new drugs for incurable fibrotic diseases."
Repure Life Science will take the lead in making another therapeutic material development outcome based on this technology.